Custom Dry Suits

Ravenspring specialises in making made to order suits to customers requirements, for leisure or commercial use. Nobody is a standard size and shape and there is nothing worse than a suit that doesn’t fit, so we only make to order, to your measurements and specification.

Suits can be specified that are biased more towards sailing, canoeing, rescue boats and work garments simply by changing what accessories are chosen on the basic suits at the time of ordering.
We also make suits for people that have lost limbs or mobility, just give us a call to discuss your requirements.
We use a new seven ounce breathable fabric that is both tough and durable whilst being light to wear for freedom of movement and is used on all our suits.
First choose your style of suit, UNO, RAPIDE or DUO for which there are dedicated pages with their full specification.
Then choose
Front zip entry... For most users this is the one to go for. You can get in and out easily on your own and when wearing a life jacket of any type the zip virtually disappears and is unobtrusive.
Rear zip entry.... Some users prefer this method, particularly canoeists with spray decks as their decks seal better without the zip being against the neoprene. This can however be outweighed by the fact that with the zip across the shoulders you will be more aware of it as you make paddling movements. Also you will need assistance with opening and closing the zip as you cannot reach it unaided.
If you have restricted movement in your back or neck and arms this method allows for easier access as you do not have to twist or bend to get in or out of the suit
For young growing children this method allows the suit to be bigger giving more growing room than the front entry version as there is only soft material to fold about their torso rather than a stiff zip.
Latex Still the best as far as we are concerned. They make the best waterproof seal, are easily cared for and are easily replaced. We offer a pre-glued seal service where we supply seals that already have the glue applied and all you need to do is use a hair dryer or heat gun to remove the old ones and attach the new ones.(Only works on Ravenspring suits).
Neoprene Neck and wrists can be supplied in neoprene. A few people get a reaction to latex so this is the choice for them and some people like the extra warmth of neoprene but generally they are more bulky and do not seal as well as latex. There is a perception that they last longer than latex but we have not found that to be true. The way that the suit is cared for has a far bigger impact.
Feet For most people attached latex socks are the best choice. You wear socks inside them for warmth and use your existing boots over the top to suit your sport, giving you warm and dry feet.
The other no cost option are ankle seals.These are great if you water ski or want bare feet but are harder to put on and take off, particularly if your hands are cold They come with tight fitting latex calf socks that fit under the seals for dry feet but for most people the attached latex socks are the best option
Neoprene hard soled non marking boots can be specified if you intend to use the suit on ribs or rescue boats these are attached to the suit instead of the latex socks.
A variety of wellingtons, steel toe capped boots and chain saw boots can also be attached if you are using the suits as work wear. Please contact us with your requirements.

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