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Zurich Sports Sunglasses Dark Density Teal

Zurich Sports Sunglasses Dark Density Teal
Brand: Zurich International
Product Code: sunglasses-dark-teal
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The main features of these unique glasses are:

Full 180° optically perfect wrap round vision, providing at least 40% more protection than conventional sun glass designs.

  • Blocks 98% UVA and 100% UVB
  • Blocks 65% infrared (infrared can cause eye dryness and fatigue).
  • Blocks blue,white and flat light.(All three will make it difficult to see in fog, snow and overcast conditions).
  • Glare is blocked from the top , front and sides, creating a restful , protected environment for your eyes.
  • Made from Polycarbonate, a very lightweight material that remains flexible and extremely strong, even at very cold temperatures enabling the glasses to be made to safety standards.
  • Vented side arms to resist fogging can be adjusted using heat for a perfect fit.
  • Fashionable scratch resistant coating in 5 colours
  • No metal hinges to corrode.
  • Soft neoprene case with clip included.
  • Grey based lens give the most natural colours when looked through, regardless of the outer lens colour.
  • Glasses will float with the optional float strap attached.

WILL FIT OVER PRESCRIPTION GLASSES OF UP TO 140mm ACROSS. So even spectacle wearers need not miss out on these unique sports sunglasses.

Of course the only way to be sure is to try them, but we are convinced that you will be amazed at the clarity and optical precision .In fact they're so good customers keep recommending them to their friends! Surely the best endorsement of all!

Gray Lenses

Gray lenses are best for blocking glare in bright, sunny conditions without changing the natural colors of things. They are also great fashion accessories that go with any type of getup in any color. For aviators, color distortion can affect their performance while they are on the job. They need sunglasses that will enhance their vision in terms of color recognition and depth perception. That is exactly what they are getting from our variations of prescription and aviator sunglasses.

Rose Lenses

Rose lenses work best in hazy, cloudy, smoky, foggy, or dull light conditions. The rose lens will accentuate colors to make all colors more vibrant while giving the wearer better color definition, depth perception, and more contrast.

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